Develop A Carbon Project

Develop A Carbon Project

The need for real action has never been more pressing

It’s Real

We are far from being on track to hit global greenhouse gas reduction targets required to prevent irreversible impact.

License to do business

Sustainability is moving from nice to have to license to do business with real-world regulatory, financing and talent retention implications.


Developing a carbon project is an opportunity to better control one’s operations, improve efficiency and generate additional revenues.

Finance Your Climate Transition

Do you have one or more of the following assets or activities?You could be in a position to develop a carbon project.

McGill St Laurent Climate Solutions is here to support you from A to Z as your trusted partner in the development of a carbon project.

The Carbon Credit Market

  • A carbon credit represents a metric ton of reduced or removed  CO2.
  • The viability of a carbon credit project depends on certain fundamental criteria 

Real, verifiable impact

no greenwashing!


the action cannot be reversible.

Laws & regulations

complying with a regulatory change is not eligible for a carbon credit.

Project size & scope

McGill St Laurent Climate Solutions agglomerates multiple micro-initiatives to develop viable projects at scale.


the change cannot be carried out as part of the company’s normal activities.

Reductions converted to credits

CO2 reducing projects

Credits can be purchased to offset emissions

Purchased credits
fund GHG reduction projects

Credits can be purchased to offset emissions


An Integrated Approach



YOU don’t assume any upfront costs, except the investment in your asset/activity


Carbon Project

WE cover all upfront project developments costs (from feasibility to certification)


Carbon Credit

WE cover all costs related to effectively marketing your credits

You receive your fair share of the proceeds from the carbon credit sales

Your fair share of carbon credit sales is returned to you (back to step #1)

Monetize Your Impact

The McGill St Laurent Climate Solutions Approach