Our Projects

Our Projects

McGill St Laurent Climate Solutions structures customized carbon credit portfolios that align with your needs, values and company DNA

Our portfolios are made up of credits from the following types of projects:


Increased soil biomass, restored riverside buffers and more efficient use of fertilizer.

Energy Efficiency

Reduced energy consumption within a building or factory.

Household & Community

Efficient water filtration systems or cookstoves to reduce the use of fossil fuels such as coal.

Waste Disposal

Captured methane from landfills.


Reduced fossil fuel consumption through improved efficiency.

Renewable Energy

Reduced fossil fuels through clean technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal or hydro


Carbon sequestration through the growth and conservation of forest.

Sample of Our Projects

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Project 1



VCS Standard

Project 2

Energetic efficiency


VCS Standard

Project 3



BC Protocol

Our impact

By offsetting your carbon footprint with one of the projects included in our portfolio, you directly contribute to the reduction or removal of tons of CO2.

Total tons of CO2 reduced or removed annually by the projects we work with – in a few figures: