Purchase Carbon Credits

Purchase Carbon Credits

The need for real action has never been 
more pressing

It’s Real

We are far from being on track to hit global greenhouse gas reduction targets required to prevent irreversible impact.

License to do business

Sustainability is moving from nice to have to license to do business with real-world regulatory, financing and talent retention implications.


Committing to climate action is an opportunity to better control operations, drive efficiencies, and improve one’s bottom line.

An Integrated Approach

McGill St Laurent Climate Solutions is here to support you from A to Z in achieving your sustainability goals and reducing your carbon footprint.

Together, let’s commit to action. 

Measure your footprint and adopt a reduction strategy

The first step is understanding the size and makeup of your carbon footprint.

Your carbon footprint is the total greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) generated oy your operations, along three different scopes.

McGill St Laurent Climate Solutions will refer you to a specialist to objectively assess your carbon footprint and develop an appropriate reduction strategy.

Scope 1

Émissions directes

Scope 2

Émissions indirectes (électricité)

Scope 3

Émissions indirectes (activité en amont et en aval)

Scope 1:

Direct emissions

Scope 2:

Indirect emissions (electricity)

Scope 3:

Indirect emissions (upstream & downstream activities)

Offset Your Emissions With Carbon Credits

A carbon credit represents a metric ton of reduced or removed  CO2.

A company must reduce its emissions by implementing an effective reduction strategy and offsets the remaining (including the portion of their footprint it can’t reduce) using carbon credits.

Reductions converted to credits

CO2 reducing projects

Credits can be purchased to offset emissions

Purchased credits
fund GHG reduction projects

Credits can be purchased to offset emissions


McGill St Laurent Climate Solutions Structures Customized Carbon Credit Portfolios

that align with your needs, values and company DNA, including:

Our portfolios are composed of quality credits from our carbon projects.

Tackle Your Carbon Footprint

The McGill St Laurent Climate Solutions Way